Sunday Study

Sunday Study

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All-Day Sunday Workshop Pass
Sunday, September 8
Students, Educators, and NCC Members: $30 (non-members $40)


10 – 11 am

Joanna Powell & Mike Cinelli  

More is More

When colors are juxtaposed, our eyes perceive a visual mix. Joanna Powell and Mike Cinelli may seem to throw most principles and elements of design out the window. Actually, both create wares that are charismatic displays of leaning hard into saturated color, aggressive pattern, and bold form. They run up to the edge of chaos and throw a lasso around it. This is color theory and utility on a whole new level. We can’t think of a better duo to wake up with on Sunday morning at APF!

11:45 am – 12:45 pm

Linda Christianson & Brad Schwieger  

An Unexpected Pairing

A reunion of old friends: Linda Christianson and Brad Schwieger have a combined 80+ years of experience in clay, each with a very distinctive aesthetic, each with much respect for the other, and plenty of stories to share while they work. Opposites help us develop more concrete understandings of concepts and objects. In this case, we will have the opportunity to witness how the principles and elements of design become constant in a maker’s process. Schwieger tends toward hard lines and faceted planes, while Christianson leans toward softer curves and generous volumes. Now is your chance to ask them how they do it!

1 – 2 pm

Albion Stafford  

An Engagement

Albion Stafford often references the concept of a landscape and how one thing in relation to another thing impacts how we interact with and perceive the thing. Let’s end APF weekend by putting Stafford’s theories into practice. “The table exists as a recipient terrain, accepting a range of occurrence and exploits, particularly those of action and interaction. Within this space are the possibilities for composing both a collective image, as well as an instigation of activity.” You’ll have to show up to sate your curiosity and be part of a unique experience with this maker.


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