Soda-Firing Methods

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Date: January 3 - March 7 Day: Thursdays Time: 6:30 - 9:30 pm Instructor: Emily Murphy Description: Meet in the studio with Emily Murphy to discuss soda techniques and requisite materials during seven class sessions, with three private, open studio times for you to implement and develop these ideas. Load and fire FOUR KILNS on three firing dates and critically examine the results of each firing. Successive firings ensure that each student has the opportunity to understand the nature of atmospheric firing and, in turn, capitalize on the process by the end of the quarter. Explore new forming and decorating techniques to take advantage of the “kiss of fire” in the kiln. Students will each participate in all kiln loadings, and in at least one unloading. Throwers and handbuilders are welcome in this class; designed to provide an experiential learning opportunity for students who have yet to witness the wonder of atmospheric firing. Primarily intended for those who are at advanced levels of construction. Tentative kiln loading dates: January 31, February 21, & March 7
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