Shino: The Glaze With a Thousand Faces

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Date: June 25 - July 23 Day: Mondays Time: 6:30 - 9:30 pm Instructor: Lee Love Description: Local artist and Shino enthusiast, Lee Love, is bringing his knowledge and experience to NCC for a 5-week class focused on a topic that many of us love: Shino. This entity is traditionally not only a glaze, but also a firing method, a clay body, and a range of different forms—all of which relate back to the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the wares on which food was served. In performing a historical survey of all aspects of Shino, students will work with the shapes on which Shino was traditionally used, come to understand the special care that Shino’s need in application, and discuss the firing schedules required for best results. Explore the tradition and methods to make your Shino experience better than ever before.
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