The Wood-fire Experience - Workshop

The Wood-fire Experience - Workshop

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Date: May 3 – May 24 (Firing Saturday, May 19)
Day: Thursdays
Time: 1 - 4 pm
Instructors: Rob Lieder & Keith Williams

Description: Experience an extensive hands-on introduction to the art of firing a wood kiln — from glazing and loading to the interactions between fire and form. Teaching artists Rob Lieder and Keith Williams will discuss different styles of wood kilns, wood-fire philosophy, and clay bodies and glazes appropriate for wood firing. Northern Clay Center is excited to announce its partnership with Concordia University in St. Paul, utilizing their kilns for the firing process.

This experience is available in two formats: the Full-Class Experience and the Wood-Fire Workshop. Designed for intermediate and advanced handbuilders and wheel-throwers. (Students registered for either experience will be required to participate in all dates scheduled at Concordia University)

Wood-fire Workshop: One day at NCC discussing wood-fire techniques; one day each for glazing, loading, firing, and unloading at Concordia University St. Paul. Students should expect to fire 12 – 14 pots depending on their size, and on the number of participants. (No access to NCC Open Studio Hours will be granted for Wood-fire Workshop participants unless they are enrolled in another class.)

Workshop Schedule:
Meet at NCC: May 3: 1 – 4 pm Wood-firing information and philosophy

Meet at Concordia University:
May 10: 1 pm — Glazing day
May 17: 1 pm — Kiln loading
May 19: Firing in shifts TBD
May 24: 1 pm — Unload, clean up and discuss results

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