Gruchalla Rosetti Pottery


Gruchalla Rosetti Pottery
Duluth, Minnesota

Gruchalla Rosetti Pottery creates contemporary "American" RAKU consisting of wheel-thrown and hand-built clay vessels, tiles, and wall pieces. Their work is burnished and carved to create textures as well as landscape designs reminiscent of early 1900's Arts & Crafts era pottery. Layers of color are created by brushing, airbrushing, and pouring glazes. Gruchalla Rosetti Pottery is a husband and wife team whose collaboration is reflected in the work. A single piece of pottery is often passed back and forth several times before it is completed. Details in the creation of each piece and fine, hand-glazing combine to create a "classical" as well as "jazzy" style. Final embellishments include copper wire, metallic leaf, and small wooden pegs.

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