Developing Design: A Layered Approach to Decoration

Developing Design: A Layered Approach to Decoration

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Date: October 5 & 6
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Time: 10 am – 3 pm
Instructor: Lauren Karle

Description: Inspired by people and communities, Lauren Karle creates work reflective of interaction—character, aesthetic, passion, culture, and environment. Employing a series of slips, underglazes, and stain washes to obtain a vibrant color palette, Karle develops the surface of each piece through a combination of brush, stencil, and slip-transfer techniques. Join Lauren in NCC’s studios for a two-day, hands-on workshop focusing on the materials, tools, and techniques that give her work and surfaces a vibrant and personal touch. Later, transform your work to include customized designs and patterns of your own.

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