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Dig yourself out from under that snow bank, shake off those icicles, and let the sun thaw you out. The days of clutching mugs filled with coffee, tea, and cocoa are on their way out, making room for the chilled drinks of summer and the need to fill your cupboards with appropriate drinking vessels! With the earthy smell of clay and growth building around you, dig in and feel the plastic mud between your hands. Imagine all the skills that will blossom from our spring lineup of classes and workshops, a veritable bouquet of techniques that will never wilt! We have several new Special Topics in the curriculum alongside our foundational offerings, with enough flexibility to fit into your busy schedule. A diverse cast of talented teaching artists will help guide your experiences at NCC’s well-stocked facilities. Welcome back to our clay community!

Adult students can often enjoy open access to our studios from 9 am – 9 pm, 6 days each week, and “midnight madness” (from 9 am – midnight) on Tuesdays and Thursdays (subject to other NCC events and programming).

Preview our spring classes here. Classes open for registration on Tuesday, February 13 at 10 am.

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