Triaxial Blends

A triaxial blend is a method of testing glaze ratios to develop new surfaces. Curator, Angelica Pozo, will parallel this concept, bringing three pairs of established ceramic sculptors together in collaboration. “Collaboration is the art of merging two or more creative energies into a powerful partnership, one that is mutually respectful/mutually responsive to each other’s input.” Triaxial Blends challenges six artists to enter the world of sculptural collaboration and to embrace the elements of surprise, negotiation, and successful navigation of equal contribution, scale, subject matter, surface treatment, and each other’s creative experience.


These six artists, Susan Beiner paired with Christine Golden; Syd Carpenter paired with Sana Musasama; and Kristen Cliffel paired with Angelica Pozo embarked on a creative sculptural endeavor supported by travel, conversation, mutual support, and written documentation throughout the evolution of each new sculpture for the exhibition. The artist collaborators involved in Triaxial Blends historically lean toward narrative or representational forms and tend to use numerous components and materials in their work. The logistics of not only the communication of ideas and objectives between artists unfamiliar to one another, but also the literal creation of each work in two studios, inescapably generated intensity and kindled a new level of creativity.

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