Valerie Zimany

Valerie Zimany

Like soldiers of Arts & Crafts Calvary, there are regiments of makers working to keep the hand busy, filling space by subverting the machine. Zimany says, “My recent work explores curiosity about hanazume— or “packed florals”— a pattern which incorporates Asian and European botanical patterns into the traditional wares of the region of Japan where I lived, and that stemmed from feudal era commodity exchange with Europe, representing the translation of cultural codes through ornament. Digital manufacturing tools have created a resurgence in dense, delicate, or improbable decorative patterns and forms, which replicate the artisan virtuosity required to craft them in earlier eras. In this work, details of precisely rendered, 3D printed objects become hazed through the hand-processes of press-molding and repetition, or overlaid with handmade components and the matrix of glaze. By layering colors, forms, and imagery, I explore temporal and technological incongruencies, and parallel a feeling of wandering out of place at just the right time.”

Zimany is chair and associate professor of art and ceramics, at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina. She received her MFA in crafts/ceramics at Kanazawa College of Art as a Fulbright Fellow and Japanese Government Scholar.  After graduate studies, Valerie was awarded a three-year residency at the Utatsuyama Craft Workshop in Kanazawa, Japan, during which she researched contemporary craft and Kutani overglaze enamels. Zimany’s work is held in multiple public and private collections, including the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California; the World Ceramic Museum in Icheon, Korea; and the Slovenia National Museum in Metelkova, Slovenia.

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