AnT Sculpture and Design, LLC

AnT Sculpture and Design, LLC

Alexis Gregg and Tanner Coleman are AnT Sculpture and Design, LLC and their motto is, “Changing the way people think and interact with artwork one brick sculpture at a time!” As a collaborative team creating public art and architectural ceramics with brick and tile, they have worked in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Italy, Turkey, and at numerous locations in country. They formed their company in 2012 after four years and nearly a dozen large-scale public art works gave them the confidence to assert their experience with a viable business plan. As a team they are as aggressive in their play as they are in their work. Traveling with an active lifestyle, they soak up culture eagerly and infuse the landscapes they engage with permanent records of their presence.

The AnT aesthetic is defined, not only by brick, but by transforming brick into organic living form. Scrolls and patterns inform the overall visual flow of the work. As part of their rigorous process to assure their work is effective, significant, and engaging with the public who will utilize the space over time, they lovingly and heavily research the history of an area prior to conceptualizing an installation, “The concepts of our public artwork revolve around the intention to create a cultural narrative specific to the site and community where the work exists.”

Gregg and Coleman earned their BFAs at University of Georgia, Athens. Gregg went on to receive a MFA at California State University, Long Beach and is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Wesleyan College in Macon, GA. Coleman works full-time for AnT Sculpture and Design, LLC pursuing public art commissions around the country.

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